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Ww2 Magnet Fishing Finds

Alexander was using a strong magnet tied to 65 foot long cord to search for metal objects in the cold water. This next video is by ww2 wendal again another big magnet fishing youtube channel these guys do a lot of magnet fishing on old army bases and their finds are often incredible.

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Watch the video and be ama.

Ww2 magnet fishing finds. If you like to support my work. It was absolutely unbelievable and i can t t. Tv producers and commissioner s here is your chance to sign up the next big thing in television ww2 wendal.

In this video you can see our latest wwii magnet fishing adventures where visited the western front as well as the eastern front. Leave your comments below and as always good luck and happy hunting. Magnet fishing ww2 relics germany have any magnet fishing tips tricks or finds you would like to share.

A florida man found a grenade while fishing and then took the explosive to taco bell. We found some clear remind. They range from safes to old weapons and everything else in between.

As you can see we had a few epic days with the guys from dutch ww2 magnet hunters. Die suche nach maschinenpistole mp40 aimant la pêche ww2. Trouver mitraillette mp40 la pesca imán ww2.

Magnet fishing a former german ww2 location. On this episode of magnet fishing with ww2 wendal it s callum who steals the show with possibly the best ever magnet fishing find. If you would like to learn how i grew this channel to over 100 000 subscribers visit my 2nd channel where i will show you how.

For me a very exciting video. Wow that was something special.

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