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Selling Magnet Fishing Finds

My girlfriend found something illegal magnet fishing. If you have any to share please drop a message in the comments section or by the contact form.

Magnet Fishing Magnetics Net Au Supplies Powerful Neodymium 2020

A quick glance at amazon revealed a few things.

Selling magnet fishing finds. The hobby is a combination of environmentalism and treasure hunting the magnets used are strong enough to remove large debris such as discarded bicycles guns safes bombs coins and car tire rims from bodies of water but many who engage in. Find hidden treasures with our best selling fishing magnet sea fishing magnet can pull items of up to 480kg unique structure magnet comes with 2 eyebolt rings and countersunk holes was designed in the middle and side of the magnet for a more powerful functionality. Magnet fishing also called magnetic fishing is searching in outdoor waters for ferromagnetic objects available to pull with a strong neodymium magnet.

What is the best magnet fishing find. This great magnet fishing find shows a treasure box full with gold coins. If we can reach 10 000 likes i ll do another magnet fishing video subscribe and help me break 15 million subscribers.

Selling your better finds. Illegal find today my girlfriend and i went magnet fishing and we never expected to find something il. It is a really simple way of making some money magnet fishing.

What is the best magnet fishing find. Find hidden treasures with our best selling fishing magnet sea fishing magnet can pull items of up to 250kg application agnet fishing treasure hunting in the river or lake you never know what you may find the larger the contact area the better the magnetic effect multi use unique design with countersunk hole and eyebo. Http bit ly 2lgg7m5check out wild kyle s.

There has always been some kind of stigma attached to selling your finds. The video has been viewed more than 40 thousand times but seems to have been down voted perhaps more than it may deserve as it seems a lot of people think this particular magnet fishing find was staged. For under 30 a person can get a one sided neodymium fishing magnet with 1 000 pounds of pulling power spend a few bucks more and you can get a.

Magnet fishing where people hunt for metal submerged in canals and rivers is increasing in popularity with thousands uploading videos of their finds on youtube. Here at magnet fishing pro we love to see your best finds. Double sided magnet the technology behind having all sides be magnetic reduces your chances of losing your findings.

For many this will not be appealing in the same way as selling your metal detecting finds. Well there are so many finds to be made when magnet fishing it is a hard choice but if i had to make it i would say.

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