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Magnet Fishing South Africa

Powerful neodymium fishing magnets are tied to the end of a rope and thrown into the sea rivers or dams where they are then pulled back while the fishing magnet drags. What is magnet fishing.

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Magnet fishing in south africa.

Magnet fishing south africa. Magnet fishing in south africa group has 616 members. Magnet fishing is still a relatively new hobby in south africa. Some of the finds people have sent in include old coins bikes old railroad and other vintage signs.

Magnet fishing in south africa is an exciting new hobby and boat owners can take advantage as you are able to get to remote locations others can t get to without a boat. Instead of fish we re looking for metallic objects. Magnet fishing shop south africa.

We are passionate about this exciting hobby and are able to provide you with the best magnet fishing gear in south africa. This big john fishing magnet measures a wide 75mm in diameter for a larger surface area to catch underwater metal objects. Simply put it s fishing with a magnet on the end of a rope instead of a hook.

This popular hobby is especially big in the uk and usa where they have many ancient canals and rivers with a lot of history. Magnet fishing may be a mystery term to many but the hobby has been growing rapidly in the uk and the us over recent years and it s quickly catching on in south africa too. It is 18mm in thickness making it an excellent choice for magnet fishing.

What exactly is magnet fishing. It was like any other day magnet fishing looking and finding treasure but today i. Welcome to the home of magnetic fishing.

While there are already a few groups around the world we felt the need to create a south african magnet fishing group to share findings advice tips and tricks in a south african context. Think of it as a sort of deep water metal detecting. Magnet fishing uses a strong magnet to try and grab ferrous metal objects that are hidden or lost underwater.

We went magnet fishing at a state park you won t believe what we found. From strong neodymium magnets to quality rope. Magnet fishing south africa is south africa s premium online website for all things magnet.

Welcome to south africa s number 1 magnet fishing shop. We are a group of hobbyists who enjoy magnet fishing in south africa. People of all ages are going on fun filled days of adventure with their family.

Magnet fishing south africa. It has taken off in recent months especially amongst the metal detecting community. The 200kg big john fishing magnet is a single sided neodymium magnet also commonly referred to as a pot magnet.

Yes magnet fishing is completely legal in south africa. 504 likes 9 talking about this. Magnet fishing south africa.

Weighing only 1kg it is light enough to carry in your backpack and take along.

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