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Magnet Fishing Finds Videos

This list will be updated as soon as possible if we get to know about new magnet fishing finds. We went magnet fishing at a state park you won t believe what we found.

Magnet Fishing Unusual Finds Canal Treasure Youtube

I try to post as many video s as i can about the subject.

Magnet fishing finds videos. We dissociate us in any way from the published content. Considering it s low cost to get started and potential rewards. Usually higher weight magnets let you pull up bigger items but most fishing magnets are about 330 pounds for a reason.

On this site you will find the latest magnet fishing finds from our community as youtube videos. We found some amazing treasures but dragged in the biggest find to date. Videos of magnet fishing finds.

This is a channel about magnet fishing. Simply put the chances of finding anything in a lake or river that weighs even 300 pounds is meager. In no particular order here is our top 10 list of the best magnet fishing finds so far.

A hobby popular in europe magnet fishing has taken root in america and jim walters is among the fishermen leading the way with odd catches that include a gumball machine bikes tools and firearms. This great magnet fishing find shows a treasure box full with gold coins. These are youtube videos which partly was send to us.

Man who attached magnet to fishing rod didn t expect to pull this from the water it was the man s first time magnet fishing but he managed to pull out more than just a haul of beer caps and old. Magnet fishing has become a fast growing sport. And don t forget to like the video s and subscribe.

Hope you all enjoy. It was like any other day magnet fishing looking and finding treasure but today i. 1976 pepsi cola can coming in from.

This is a channel about magnet fishing. But there are stark warnings. Higher power levels don t always result in better finds.

Thanks to mass production of neodymium magnets. Get dux gear h. The video has been viewed more than 40 thousand times but seems to have been down voted perhaps more than it may.

Treasure cash box with gold coins 300. We are seeing cooler treasures every day. Here are a few of the most popular magnet fishing finds we found on youtube.

I try to post as many video s as i can about the subject. Magnet fishing where people hunt for metal submerged in canals and rivers is increasing in popularity with thousands uploading videos of their finds on youtube. And don t forget to like the video s and subscribe.

Magnet fishing these docks was an absolute blast.

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Magnet Fishing Best Find Ever Youtube

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