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Magnet Fishing Finds Illinois

They range from safes to old weapons and everything else in between. Magnet fishing is now illegal in south carolina please see the below comment section for more information.

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If god wasn t watching me i probably would have blown up kolton decker said.

Magnet fishing finds illinois. Magnet fishing near chicago. The video has been viewed more than 40 thousand times but seems to have been down voted perhaps more than it may deserve as it seems a lot of people think this particular magnet fishing find was staged. The magnet fishing finds at this bridge includes many money boxes two of the in the pictures many tools and knifes fishing tackle bike parts moped parts old cans and a lot of other stuff.

We went magnet fishing at a state park you won t believe what we found. This great magnet fishing find shows a treasure box full with gold coins. It was like any other day magnet fishing looking and finding treasure but today i.

As you can see in the third picture i also caught a silver spoon which from new costs around 200 00. However if you plan to magnet fish in private property please seek permission first. Wncn a little boy s fishing trip with his dad could have turned deadly in an instant.

Remember to watch in full quality video. Magnet fishing is currently legal in south dakota. This next video is by ww2 wendal again another big magnet fishing youtube channel these guys do a lot of magnet fishing on old army bases and their finds are often incredible.

Magnet fishing is currently legal in rhode island. Also like subscribe. The 9 year old s adventurous spirit led his mom renee to buy him a magnetic fishing pole for christmas.

It really helps the channel out and it. I thought it would be. Chat away ask questions invite your friends.

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