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Magnet Fishing Crazy Finds

Considering it s low cost to get started and potential rewards. Magnet fishing where people hunt for metal submerged in canals and rivers is increasing in popularity with thousands uploading videos of their finds on youtube.

Fox News Man Finds Authentic Wwii Hand Grenade While Magnet Fishing In Florida Police Hand Grenade Taco Bell Magnet Fishing

More than 10 police show up incl.

Magnet fishing crazy finds. But there are stark warnings. Magnet fishing has become a fast growing sport. We are seeing cooler treasures every day.

Thanks to mass production of neodymium magnets. Hopefully they will spur you on to get yourself out and enjoy this fascinating hobby. I went magnet fishing and found a stolen motor bike.

Hope you enjoy this relic hunting fl. My girlfriend found something illegal magnet fishing. In no particular order here is our top 10 list of the best magnet fishing finds so far.

1976 pepsi cola can coming in from. In part one i dropped some cameras down the well. Some real life magnet fishing finds.

Plus a stolen wallet and a stolen bike that we returned to the owner. Illegal find today my girlfriend and i went magnet fishing and we never expected to find something il. This first video shows some incredible magnet fishing finds made by drasticg.

Graham is arguably one the biggest. On this web only video larry ordered two 1 100 lb magnets to see what he can catch magnet fishing in the river in oshkosh. Join me for part two of my visit to the creepy well in the woods.

If you would like to learn how i grew this channel to over 100 000 subscribers visit my 2nd channel where i will show you how. From knives to fishing rods and weapons including guns. Magnet fishing we hit the jackpot yes we are doing the right thing friends research custom made could be worth a couple of grand his and hers watch maker res.

What better way to end this blog post than by showing some great videos of magnet fishing finds from youtube. In this video i use my neodymium magnet. This is a compilation video of all my best magnet fishing finds.

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