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Canal Magnet Fishing Finds

If you would like to learn how i grew this channel to over 100 000 subscribers visit my 2nd channel where i will show you how. Magnet fishing where people hunt for metal submerged in canals and rivers is increasing in popularity with thousands uploading videos of their finds on youtube.

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Common finds are usually less exciting than striking gold or jewelry but there are still several things you can do with them.

Canal magnet fishing finds. This is good for any plants that are there and also the aquatic life. Kids scooters and bicycles. It shows micheal and a friend from stockport manchester uk pulling out a stolen cash box from the canal containing 100 in notes.

Kids absolutely love going magnet fishing especially when they think there is a chance to find treasure. A common find is usually a fishing hook or nail and while this is not a piece of gold there are still things you can do with them if you are willing to be creative. We featured this magnet fishing find recently in our blog.

Cash boxes and safes. Magnet fishing is great for the environment we help to clear all the rusty and rotting metals from the bottom. Knives and other hand held weapons.

Please like comment and subscribe. I then get paid for my scrap metal and also help to keep the environment clean. Believe it or not magnet fishing is great for family bonding.

This is a neat little magnet fishing tip. Lots of coins and scraps and lots of action. Iron railings and pipes.

Use a grappling hook for awkward finds. Here is a list of some of the finds you can expect to find magnet fishing in a canal. They tried to turn it into the police who were not interested so the lads spent it on a meal for themselves or so it seems.

What will you catch when you go magnet fishing in a canal. One of the best magnet fishing accessories to have is a grappling hook. Common magnet fishing finds and what to do with them.

A win win situation for all and one of my best magnet fishing tips.

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