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Best Magnet For Magnet Fishing Reddit

Best magnet fishing spots. Was magnet fishing my local river over the weekend when i connected to a large metal pole in the centre of the river.

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Come and ask us questions or just have a look at all of the funky stuff that we find.

Best magnet for magnet fishing reddit. Whats the best fishing magnet. I m still not sure which one i m going to buy but it will definitely be one of those. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets which means they create their own magnetic field with no need for an electric current available on the commercial market.

In areas with thick water weeds you may have to lift the magnet higher vertically before moving the 4 5 inches horizontally. A one sided magnet with the eye on top is going to tilt leaving the magnetic face pointing back from the direction you re dragging not giving it much ability to lock on to things. Choosing the best magnet is quite hard.

Do you want lively open discussions upcoming events local artist creations community meet ups seattle history current news. I haven t tried this with a bar magnet. I made an article about the top 10 grappling hooks for magnet fishing.

I ve looked at a few youtube videos but most appear to be sponsored or don t cover what magnets work best for different bottoms situations. Some fishing piers are supported by metal or wooden poles beams. Magnet fishing is a rare hobby.

R seattlewa is the active reddit community for seattle washington and the puget sound area. People from every stage don t try this one. The magnet to use for magnet fishing should be made out of an alloy of neodymium nd iron fe and boron b combined to form ndfeb.

For the ones with metal poles be very careful putting your magnet close to it. I ve been looking around for different grappling hooks cause i definitely want to add one to my magnet fishing kit especially after watching outdoors weekly using his. Though it provides great fun and joy without the appropriate magnet you won t be able to get your result.

Hauling it onto the river bank a brick fell out of a hole in the bag meaning it had been deliberately weighed down. As i dragged it in it snagged a heavy plastic bag that had been tied up. This works best with round magnets.

Posted by 2 years ago. However if you can t do that i would opt for a magnet with the eye on the side as it ll tend to keep the face of the magnet towards the lake bed. A magnet for magnet fishing consists of the magnet itself an eyebolt to attach a rope to as well as a screw which fixates the eyebolt in place.

I ve seen one sided magnets most common it seems double sided magnets and magnets that look like big blocks. Needless to say a magnet is the number one must have item in the arsenal of a magnet fisher. How to choose the best magnet for magnet fishing.

A community dedicated to the hobby magnet fishing where everyone is welcome wherever in the world you are. Best magnet fishing spots. I want to start magnet fishing but don t know where to begin.

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